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Friday, February 08, 2008

Episode 100: See Y'all

Accuracy is questionable:

Hillary Sandwich

Balkan Beat Box: Hermetico
Desert Planet: Asteroid Hopper
Mungo: The tiger chronicles

How was your week?

Glass Cat: Introduction
Dan Deacon: Big Big Big Big Big
PSAPP: Tiger My friend

Stab a pig with a spear

Shriekback: Bittersweet
Beborn Beton: Another World
William Blake: The Tiger

Cephalgy: Violent Times
Miranda July: WSNO
NIN: Into the void

What next?

DunkelWerk: Bastards
VNV Nation: Kingdom
Leo and Bushwaka!: Blind Tiger

Shark vs Bambi

Melotron: Liebe ist Notwehr
DarkUFO: Classica
NIN: My Violent Heart

Glass Candy: Candy Castle
Dan Deacon: Wham City
NIN: vessel


Shriekback: Hooray for everything

Episode boodlyboo: HarrNGhrrrrrrr

lightland hopkins: dust my broom
No idea really: The Magic Flute
Joseph Spence: Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

HarrNGhrrrrrrr FURhrrrrrr rumplemintz

Scarf: Oddysie
The Beat Boys: Hold on to your Walrus
Butthole Surfers: Good King Wenceslas


MIA: Paper Planes
The Beat Boys: Trancendental mystery tour
The Legendary Tiger Man: Fuck Christmas, I Got The Blues (FCC)

Strapped to a table

Mindless Self Indulgence: Bitches love me
The Beat Boys: Student revolution time
Zoogz Rift: Santa's On A Diet (FCC)

Oh god, we have to be stopped

The Beat Boys: I have just seen our car club
Ten Minutes of Tiesto
Johnny Legend: Manchester Moor

Track 12 of Mungos thing
Painbastard: madhouse earth
Ratatat: Lex

Don't pick up the phone

Kirk mark and Lopez: If I had a Penis
Jennie rom: Wakka Wakka
Richi M: Popcorn

Vagina Dentata and you

John Frusciante: Your pussy is glued to a building on fire
Painbastard: a fool in love
Duo Inmortales: Meet the Old Lady


Simon and Garfunkle: My ass is your throne
Stargo: Life is Life

Strapons for Hobos

The Frogs: Grandma in the corner with a penis in her hand

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Episode 96: Sunny Days and Eating Disorders

Australopithecus Africanus

Joe Espisosito: your the best
Charmer: Zombie Jamborie
Chop Chop Master Onions RAP

Candy Flip: Strawberry fields
boots walker: their here
johny and charlie Baila La Yenka
Spongebob Squarepants

Mucking Fuppets!!!

Achy Breaky Heart..... what?
Weird Al: Germs
D.M.S.O. VS VNV Nation

Drugs, good god y'all

Los Del Rio: The Macarena (Oh dear god I'm sorry, this was not Beep's fault!!! Call Interpol)
They Might Be Giants: Tour Schedule
Adult: Nausea

Raffi: Bananna Phone
That One Guy: Mash
Leslie fish and the dehorn crew: Argo doesn't want us anymore
Tiesto: Adagio for Strings - Dance Version (Original Mix)

Whatever Spock!

Leanord Nimoy: Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth
Coleco Music: Please Add Me
Rob Baulder: Hoist the Jolly Rodger
Badgers (DF Rave Remix)

A Capella Bowel Syndrome

Aqua: Barbie Girl
Didjits: Agent 99
Binärpilot: Sandjorda

Recursive Dickens

The Blender: Don't worry be happy
Barney Bodkin broke his nose
Stinky Weaselteats: Happy Joy Joy
Adult: Dispassionate Furniture (Reupholstered)
The Firm: Star Trecking


That One Guy: Mustaches

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Episode 95: Episodes 1 and 2

A blast from the past! The first two shows ever in all their technological glory!

Episode 94: remember remember

Mungo: Bombfire night
Dan Deacon: Big Big Big Big Big

Call the police

David J: Viscious caberet The demo version
Orson Welles: Frozen Peas Spot
Conrad and the bellheads: Guy Fawkes Jr (suburban army)

Tower of books

Gir2007: Pancakes!
Talking Heads: Burning down the house
Epoxies: Need More Time

Fire Ants

House of parliment
Divag: Gaga is Back
Superchron flight brothers: Guy Fawkes
VNV Nation:Fragments (Splinter)


BBC: Attacks on firefighters 2
Prime Ministers question time
Mungo and Beep: Popcorn
Parliment: Coming out of the rain


The Cult: Fire Woman
Adult: Contagious
Atilla the stockbroker: Guy Fawks Table

Red Velvet cake

G.G.Allin's Dick: An angry , old and drunk loser
Arthur Brown: Fare/fire poem
Stealing Orchestra: É Contra Mim Que Luto
Arthur Brown: Fire

A taste of fleeble

Congressman Steve King: Mungo, King of the sheep
Dorothy's Magic Bag: Science Fiction Man
The Smoke: Guy Fawkes

Chelsea: I'm on fire
Nullsleep: Dirty Rom Dance Mix

Moving Fusion: Guy Fawks

Episode 93: Dog full of diesel

The Bolshoi: Razzle Dazzle
Virt: Across Rooftops
Jad and David Fair: Headless Horseman


Socalled: heart attack feeling
Ana Voog: Backwards
Jad and David Fair: Creature

Is anyone reading these?

Rogue Traders:Voodoo Child
George of the Jungle
Jad and David Fair:Dracula

Second hand lies!

Mindless Self Indulgence: Stupid MF
9 Digit Zip: 016 Telephone piece
Jad and David Fair: Frankenstein

Cat Snork

Socalled: These are the good old days
Jad and David Fair: Troll
Virt: Visitor

Sandwiches are pretty good

Endanger: Victory of the Heart
Lounge Lizards: The First and Royal Queen
Jad and David Fair: Wolfman


Covus Corvax: Avanti
Jad and David Fair: Ogre
Jake Mandel: Nihon Sanzen


Emilie Autumn: Shallot
Jad and David Fair: Mummy
Nullsleep: bent thumbs

Lightning bolt!

Blaqk Audio: The Fear of being found
Jad and David Fair:King Kong
Zoogoo: Jazz Sex


Mind in a box: Run for your life
Jad and David Fair:Jabberwocky
John Williams: Ewok Feast / Part of the Tribe

Monday, October 22, 2007

Episode 92: Skullfucking Badger

Skullfucking Badger

What's the point

Socalled: Belz
MC Tanuki: Vampires really suck
sabastian boaz: axel f (foulmouthed? fuck you)


Dave Gahan: Kingdom
Beborn Beton: Stranger
Rocket propelled geeks: no carrier

Nerd pie

Fort minor: Right Now
Psydoll: Carnival
new mayfair dance orchestra: The haunted house

Focus, rudder, and direction

Socalled: You are never alone
Birthday party: release the bats
Ratatat: Swisha

Seriously, we have direction half as often as we don't

Neurotic Fish: The Bomb
Paul Okenfeld: Starry Eyed Surprise
Project zero: last man

I love you Mrs Beep!

Camouflage: Something wrong
MC Lars and MC Chris: The roommate from hell
VNV Nation: Radius2

don't burn

Melotron: Sandstrom
låtsades krama: Psilodump
signed long int: the night I broke out

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Episode 91: Heartbreak of Clowns

Warning: this playlist may or may not have anything to do with what was actually played... well by Mungo anyway, All bEEp's are accounted for.

Scraming lord sutch: she fell in love with a monster man
Dorothy's Magic Bag: A Meeting with Death in Person
Suicide: Ghost rider
Ana Voog: Hollywood

Whittling Pants

The spooks: The spook walks
Mr. Lobo with Apocalypso Now: Halloween Candy

Horror Clowns

The Moon treckers: Night of the vampire
Gregory Whitehead: The Problem With Bodies
Glen Danzig: Spook city USA
Gordon Strombola: Disco Swarm

Tell me again about the jam?

The cramps: Rockin bones
Hampsterdance voodoo especial!


psilodump: låtsades krama
Satans pilgrims: Ghoulash

Shunt collecting

trash80: I will go
over the rhine: Ohio
Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express
screaming lord sutch: Jack the ripper

Fresno and ohio are nothing alike

Mecht Mench: Zombie
Tangible: kojack (gumshoe edit)
F. Xavier: Grim Grinning Ghosts
Liedertafel Margot Honecker: Überall, wohin man schaut, wird aufgebaut

Heat death of the universe

Ghostly Sounds: Goblin Dance
Desert Planet: Return of the Kitten Bug ( Eigth BT -mix)
Gil Melle and Edward sauter: Night Gallery
Psilodump: Virtuoso


ronnie cook and the gay lads: goo goo muck
Psilodump: låtsades krama
K-Starr: Headless Horseman


Episode 90: Panning for Beagles

My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love jesus!

Wesley Willis Fiasco: Girls On Film
Klick Klick: Crowd pleaser

What is up with our sound?
And ants!

Emilie Autumn: Swallow
VNV Nation: Further
Frankie Stein and his ghouls: Goon River

What is up with our smell?

Tiger Lilies: Eartha Strubb (what the hell?)
Bob Mcfadden: The children cross the bridge
Blue Diamonds: Sukiyaki (German)

What is up with our texture?

Tiesto and Cristian Burns: In the dark
David Sugar: Bang!
Beaurocratics: Southern Gothic

Mungo's dreams

D-Factor: The Wrong Shake
Frankie Stein and his ghouls: 3 little weirds
Emilie Autumn: The art of suicide

Mind in a box: Amnesia
Neuroticfish: Care (Greek Symphony Version)
Bob Mcfadden and the dor: Bingo


Mike scott: the return of pan
Urban Inbreed: Eller
EX-Girl: E-Sa-Ya

Panning for beagles

Mind in a box: Stalkers

Friday, October 05, 2007

Episode 89: Lick-M-Stick

On air soundcheck
Unicorn boy

Some string quartet : lying is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on
Tony Rukert: humanoid from the deep
G.G. Allen's Dick: Chaos Theory for a Box of Toys

... It's like a lick-m-stick...

No Names: age of doom
click click click: romance keys
The Peanuts: Mothra Song

Live signing

FF7: Mambo the Chokobo

What a T-Rex shops for

Stealing Orchestra: Uma Pandega de paranoias, Fobias e Mania de Persaguicao
SnoopDroop: Jelly Monster Attacks Town


Jill Tracy: Evil night together
Jeffrey Letterly: The story of the stairs
Nullsleep: Her Lazer Light Eyes

Send cookies to the troops!

Alabama 3: The Doghouse chronicles

How did a T-Rex shop?

Cowhaus: Rednecks with white faces
Orson Welles: I Know What It Is To Be Young (But You Don't Know What It Is to be old

Go buy radiohead!

The Waiters: 13oclock in the morning
Love and rockets: sauded

How does a T-Rex shop?

Adult: Mouth To Mouth

Project Pitchfork: Drone State
Shirley and Spinoza: These guys
Mesu Kasumai: Zoe

Cooking with a T-Rex

Splogman: Metempsychosis
Coleco Music: :)

T-Rex gets fed up with it all

Project Pitchfork: Ich will leben

Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode... boodily boo... Fleeble is gonna kill us

Send the monkey tab

Lance Romance: The Water Song
Adult: Minors At Nite (Still Sick)

Rowdy ants

Burt Backarack: The blob
The Blind Kids: Track2
Recoil: Incubus
Buck-O-Nine: Hold Back The Rain

Long and hard and or long and or hard

Emo Philips: Music teacher
Alex Mauer: blast Level 4
Lance Romance: A word from dick clark
Steve Sugar: Sketch #1

Tell no one about hammer party

Coyote McCloud & Clara Peller: Where's The Beef?
Ian Whitcomb: You turn me on
D-factor: The Wrong Shake

Time to ride

Release: Afro celts soundsystem
Emo Philips: Joke's on Germany
Desert Planet: Zombie Duckwalk (50 000 points mix)
Lance Romance: The Ology Song

Put my foot in it

David J: Goth girls in southern california
9digitzip: 010 Yes, John, we have better things to do with our hands
Cheese: Eel Experiment
Coleco Music: Time Goes By So Quickly

Weird monkeys

Sudden Death: I'm on it, wikipedia
Autechre: Lost
Lance Romance: The happy song
Dalek i: Freedom Fighters

Emo Philips:Don't wear fur

Badum CRASH!

Commie64: sidewalk bullies
Dead Skunk